Cost-Related Factors


The type of implant that will be used to anchor your dentures is the first choice you and your dentist will make when reviewing your treatment choices. Classic implants are the most widespread and provide the most solid placements for full dentures. So, how much for denture implants cost? They range in price from $1,600 to $2,200 per implant. Mini implants cost $500 to $1,500 less per implant and have a smaller device than conventional implants. The total cost of implant-supported dentures will vary depending on the size of the denture, the dentist who performs the operations and designs the dentures, and a variety of other factors.

Mini implants allow individuals who were previously disqualified from consideration for implant-supported dentures to have implants because their mouths are not as healthy or strong as needed to support traditional implants. The support provided by mini implants is less than that of traditional implants and thus requires more frequent replacement. Thus, while the initial cost of the tiny implants may be lower, if they do not last as long as conventional implants, the overall cost may be higher.

The Quantity of Implants

Each implant that you require to support your full or partial dentures has a price. The more recent methods might only require four implants to hold your dentures in place, but not everyone’s jaw bone is robust enough for those particular locations. Other individuals can require as few as four implants to support a partial denture or as many as six to eight implants to stabilize a full denture.

Preparatory Techniques

Your mouth will need to be prepared by the dentist for implant operations and for you to wear dentures on a daily basis. You may experience bone loss or gum disease as you age, and both of these conditions must be treated before the dentist surgically inserts denture support implants. You might require tooth extraction, root canal therapy to clear infections, bone grafts, gum tissue grafts, or even root canal therapy to remove any remaining teeth. Costs for bone grafting alone range from $600 to $2,600.

The Quality of Dentures

You will choose the material of your replacement teeth when discussing your dentures with the doctor, which is just one of many options you will have. Others can accurately resemble the color and shape of teeth while some materials are more resilient. When properly cared for, superior quality dentures typically endure for several decades. The prices of the various variations range from $300 to $5,000.